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It Was Always You

“It Was Always You” aired February 27, 2021 on Hallmark Channel as part of the Love Ever After movies. It starred Hallstars Erin Krakow as Elizabeth and Tyler Hynes as David in what I hope is not their only pairing.  It was also a nice surprise to have Giles Panton show up as the Elizbeth’s fiancée (and David’s brother) in the movie AND Nelson Wong as mailman Eugene!  I was really looking forward to this movie, as was just about every Hallmarkie on the planet.

The movie was filmed in Victoria, Canada.  Written by Kathy Kloves (who also wrote 2017’s “Love at First Glance,” it was directed by Michael Robison and very loosely based on one of the short stories in Today is Not Your Day (affiliate link) by Marian Thurm.  Robison previously has directed Hallmark movies such as Chateau Christmas and Christmas at Dollywood, among others.

Music: DJ Joey put on Trisha Yearwood’s version of How Do I Live (affiliate link) when they were trying to find music for the reception.  Then at the engagement party Elizabeth and David danced to You Are So Beautiful (affiliate link) by Joe Cocker.

In a nutshell

Y’all – I loved this movie.  It was a welcome respite after a couple clunkers over the past few weeks.  I can’t believe it took this long to get a Krakow/Hynes pairing, and I sincerely hope we get many, many more.

Plot of “It Was Always You”

Elizabeth’s engagement plans are thrown into disarray when her fiancée’s free-spirited brother David returns home. David’s unexpected influence prompts Elizabeth to question her life decisions.

Actors & Chemistry

Erin Krakow was stellar, as was Tyler Hynes.  The two of them together?  SMOKING.  The chemistry was outstanding.  I literally have nothing else to say about it that.  Words won’t do it justice.

It Was Always You
image: Hallmark Crown Media


George and David’s mom’s house had a front porch. Tilly the Dog was adorable. And it’s hard for me to say it since I love Giles Panton, but he played not only a Boring Boyfriend, but a Workaholic Boyfriend.  Louise, the sister, is a painter, so we had crafting (in a sense).

We had David wiping whipped cream from Elizabeth’s lip.  The tropes went away for quite a while, until finally David misunderstood George and Elizabeth’s final kiss for something else.

Did I Hear/See That Right?

The Flying Otter restaurant ONLY serves beer, raw oysters and pie?  Ummm….no.

Why did Elizabeth make such a randomly confusing ice cream order?  Did we ever get a reason for separating out the vanilla into two containers?  Weird.

Both the grandma and the sister kept pushing Elizabeth and David together – as though George didn’t even exist.  I couldn’t help but think, “Would they be doing this if George was still there?”

Why did Elizabeth wait until just a couple of months before her wedding to register, find a DJ, order the cake?  Seems late.  Did I get the timing wrong?  I could swear they mention that the wedding is only a few months away, or am I misremembering?

George was VERY concerned about his patients.  Speaking as a dental patient, I don’t give a crap if my dentist decided to gallivant around Europe.  In fact, I’d be happy for him if he did.  Sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity.


I’m not going to lie: I appreciated the streamlined packing in the trunk of the SUV when George and Elizabeth arrived at his mother’s house.

My entire family hates oysters, but I happen to love them.  While I don’t mind them raw, I do prefer steamed and can eat BUCKETS and BUCKETS of them.  But for pie?  I’d eat that whole rack of raw oysters, for sure.

I love that David was the only one in the entire movie to call her “Lizzie.”

The house used in the movie, and the art shed, and the treehouse were all epically beautiful.

Elizabeth trying to climb that ladder rope reminded me of the time I was visiting a youth camp (as an adult) and was forced to do a ropes course.  I failed miserable because I have no arm strength whatsoever.  I SEE YOU, ELIZABETH.

I appreciated the amount of popcorn eaten in this movie.  I make it 2-3x a week and I approve.

I was worried about the breakup, but I LOVED when Elizabeth did it with respect for George and then thanked him for making every day perfect while they were together.  It let them both end the relationship with class and grace.  Very well done.


I won’t hesitate to re-watch “It Was Always You” when it repeats – and it WILL repeat for the next several years, of that I have no doubt.  I had several “favorite” moments in this movie that make it rewatchable.  In the middle of the movie when David and Elizabeth are watching the reality TV show, and she asks how he would “woo” the contestant, I loved his whole speech.  And clearly so did Elizabeth.

I also really liked the breakup scene between George and Elizabeth, AND the fact that they clearly have no bad blood between them a year later at Louise’s wedding when he brings the dentist tech, Denise.  Lastly, I love the fact that Elizabeth gave herself a year to travel and find herself, so that she’d know who she was the next time she saw David.

It Was Always You
image: Hallmark Crown Media

The Ranking

“It Was Always You” is my favorite of the first nine movies we’ve had in 2021. It scored really well and would have scored higher if there were a couple more tropes involved.

  1. It Was Always You (air date: Feb 27) – 668 pts – weighted score: 114.2 (80.1%)
  2. Taking a Shot at Love (air date: Jan 2) – 641 pts – weighted score: 108.9 (76.4%)
  3. A Winter Getaway (air date: Jan 23) – 620 pts – weighted score: 104.4 (73.3%)
  4. Mix Up in the Mediterranean (air date: Feb 20) – 590 pts – weighted score: 102.5 (71.9%)
  5. Two For The Win (air date: Jan 16) – 603 pts – weighted score: 101.8 (71.4%)
  6. A New Year’s Resolution (air date: Jan 9) – 516 pts – weighted score: 90.5 (63.5%)
  7. Playing Cupid (air date: Feb 13) – 466 pts – weighted score: 82.6 (58.0%)
  8. Beverly Hills Wedding (air date: Feb 6) – 431 pts – weighted score: 80.6 (56.5%)
  9. Snowkissed (air date: Jan 31) – 402 pts – weighted score: 76.0 (53.3%)

To see where this movie lands in my overall rankings of Hallmark movies, visit my Hallmark Movie Rankings page!

What did you think of “It Was Always You”?  Comment below and let me know!

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32 thoughts on “It Was Always You

  1. Winter In Vail was my favorite Tyler Hynes movie. Until now. It Was Always You was wonderful from beginning to end. The chemistry btwn Erin and Tyler, magic! I don’t want a sequel, I’d like them to do a new film as to not ruin what they gave us in this movie. Bring on a Fall or Christmas 2021 film.

  2. I REALLY ENJOYED THIS MOVIE. LOVED IT!! Great script and well acted.
    would love more like this. Very clever and so well done. thank you.

  3. This is the best movie ever on Hallmark. It Was Always You is Tylers best performance.I cannot stop watching it Thanks!!!

  4. Have watched this movie 5 times already, would watch it another 5!!! Loved it. Top of my favorite list. Awesome chemistry and “zing” between Tyler and Erin. Please do more of them together. Great script also.

  5. I loved this movie! The zing between Tyler and Erin was undeniable. A little disappointed that Elizabeth never told David that she loved him too. I have seen this movie so many times. I loved the Grandmother. Please more of Tyler and Erin.

  6. I have seen this at least a dozen times. Beautiful, natural acting. Nothing forced. Classic. BUT…what does David say to Lizzie at the very end of their dance? Even with closed caption, is does not register. Please help!

    1. Maggie, I’m afraid I did not save this one on my Tivo, so I can’t watch it back tonight. However, it appears they are re-airing it tomorrow at noon, so I’ll record it and see if I can figure it out!

    2. Just watched it and noticed two things. When I initially watched it, how did I miss that David felt the zing and backed away from her when they danced to the Joe Cocker song just like she did at the DJ’s house earlier in the movie?????

      Secondly, commenter Dee was correct! When they are outside talking at the sister’s wedding, once they start dancing, he murmurs, “I really thought I’d get a kiss for that line.” She tells him, “Shhhh,” before she kisses him.

      1. Thanks again, Jane! I’ll watch again tonight! This is such a wonderful movie. For me, it’s a perfect combination of fine,sensitive acting and beautiful chemistry. I only hope there are more movies with the two of them…not a sequel. Great cast, script, directing…

        Btw…Lizzie’s reaction to the oysters just HAD to be genuine!!!

        Here’s hoping!


    3. Best movie by hallmark, EVER
      Tyler and Erin are absolutely hallmarks best!!!!!!
      Have lost count, how many times I have watched this fabulous movie….

  7. Thanks Jane! I have rewound and reWatched so many times with the volume all the way up and the closed caption feature does not print. I love this film! Just wish I knew what ‘David’ says to ‘Lizzie’ at the very end of the dance, just before the kiss.

    1. But does he say that after their dance, or later on when they are outside? I thought he said that to her when they were standing outside. Or were they dancing outside and I just don’t remember the details enough? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

  8. Have been looking and looking for this movie, and cannot find it…where did it go? I’m sure it was only on for about a month and was hoping it would be on for quite some time yet. Will it be returning so we can enjoy this movie a few more times?

  9. “It Was Always You” is absolutely the most wonderful love story I have seen since “Doctor Zhivago”, way, back when. I absolutely love Erin and Tyler in this movie…their chemistry is 100 % spot on. I hope they do a sequel to this. I have been trying to find out where or who I can write to and tell them how very, very much I have enjoyed this movie and I look forward to seeing more of this fantastic couple together.

    If anyone has such information please contact me. Thank you.

  10. My favorite Hallmark movie this far. So natural and it felt real. Loved it. Those two actors should team up again soon. They were great together.

  11. Absolutely love this movie , have watched it 5 times and will again…I’m trying to buy it . Can’t find it to buy ?

  12. Best Hallmark Movie ever!!! Have watched over and over. Will keep watching this movie. Hallmark should Win Gold Medal for this one!!! Thanks for getting this one right!!!

  13. Loved this movie. Tyler Hynes definitely has the unmistakable “Zing” factor. He was also great in Winter in Vail with Lacey Chabert. Other favorites of mine are Cranberry Christmas with Nikki DeLoach and Benjamin Ayres and Love, Of Course with Cameron Mathison and Kelly Rutherford.

  14. I love, love love Tyler Hynes!!! EVERYTHING he’s in I watch and love. There’s an “everyman” about him along with great masculinity…..didn’t feel the chemistry with Erin K., much more in other films…but loved this film!!

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