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I’ve been a fan of Hallmark movies as long as I can remember. Even as far back as the mid-2000s I remember watching the “Love Comes” movies. Back then, they only did one or two Christmas-themed movies a year. In 2008 they did a whopping FIVE Christmas themed movies! Given how much I love Christmas, I was in heaven. Cut to 2018, and Hallmark comes out with 38 Christmas movies. That’s more than all the movies they put out in 2013 alone!

At the close of the 2018 Hallmark movie season I ranked all of that year’s Hallmark Christmas movies, but it was very unscientific. Being a spreadsheet nerd, I promptly created a spreadsheet to begin creating a real ranking of all of the Hallmark movies I watch.

Your Hallmark Movies Ranked

Below is the up-to-date table of all Hallmark movies I watched beginning in 2019, ranked from most favorite to least (including some I watched again).  Also, the mystery movies that appear on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries use a different scorecard but are still ranked based on their final %.  They are differentiated by the “(HMM)” that appears after their title.

Lastly, not every movie has a review, but those with linked titles have reviews you can read and comment on.  Or, if you want to comment directly on this page about the rankings, simply scroll below the table and let me know your thoughts!

CategoryMovie TitleAir DateTotal Raw ScoreWeighted ScoreFinal %
REDUX All of my Heart 2015730 points 124.587.4%
2019Two Turtle DovesNov 1, 2019742 points123.786.8%
REDUX Surprised by Love 2015730 points 122.085.6%
2020One Royal HolidayOct 31, 2020722 points121.885.5%
XMAS 2018 Small Town Christmas Dec 16, 2018 701 points 121.885.5%
2020Project Christmas WishDec 20, 2020738 points121.785.4%
REDUX Pearl in Paradise 2018710 points 121.585.3%
2019Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe KissesOct 26, 2019719 points121.084.9%
REDUX XMASLove You Like Christmas2016706 points120.784.7%
2019Love to the RescueMar 23, 2019708 points120.684.6%
REDUX XMASChristmas in Evergreen2017703 points120.284.4%
REDUX Love on the Air 2015700 points 120.184.2%
XMAS 2018Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to SantaNov 18, 2018712 points119.884.1%
REDUX All of my Heart The Wedding 2018695 points 119.583.9%
2020On the 12th Date of ChristmasNov 1, 2020707 points119.283.6%
2020The Christmas HouseNov 22, 2020710 points118.683.2%
REDUX XMASA Christmas Detour2015702 points118.683.2%
2020Sweet AutumnOct 17, 2020693 points118.583.1%
2020Good Morning Christmas!Nov 25, 2020698 points118.282.9%
REDUX XMASMiss Christmas2017694 points117.582.5%
2020Deliver By ChristmasOct 25, 2020697 points117.482.4%
REDUX XMASHearts of Christmas2016673 points116.281.5%
2020Christmas WaltzNov 28, 2020694 points116.181.5%
XMAS 2018 Christmas at Grand Valley Dec 21, 2018 670 points 116.081.4%
2020Christmas by StarlightNov 26, 2020689 points115.981.3%
2020A Glenbrooke ChristmasDec 12, 2020695 points115.881.2%
2020Five Star Christmas Nov 27, 2020688 points115.881.2%
2019 Winter Love Story Jan 19, 2019685 points 115.881.2%
2020Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas SweaterNov 7, 2020681 points115.881.2%
REDUX Dater’s Handbook 2016676 points 115.080.7%
REDUX XMASChristmas in Homestead2016672 points114.980.6%
REDUX XMASComing Home for Christmas2017668 points114.880.5%
XMAS 2018Christmas at Pemberley ManorOct 27, 2018665 points114.380.2%
2020Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are RingingDec 5, 2020672 points113.979.9%
2019Love on the MenuFeb 23, 2019642 points113.879.9%
2020The Christmas BowNov 8, 2020676 points113.279.4%
2019Holiday HeartsNov 23, 2019663 points113.079.3%
REDUX XMASChristmas Getaway2017665 points112.879.1%
2019Bottled With LoveApr 13, 2019649 points112.278.7%
2020Cranberry ChristmasOct 31, 2020650 points112.178.6%
2019Love Takes FlightApr 27, 2019670 points111.077.9%
2020The Angel TreeNov 21, 2020670 points110.977.8%
XMAS 2018A Godwink ChristmasNov 17, 2018632 points110.977.8%
XMAS 2018A Shoe Addict's ChristmasNov 25, 2018646 points110.877.8%
XMAS 2018Jingle Around the ClockDec 22, 2018639 points110.477.5%
2019Love Romance & ChocolateFeb 16, 2019627 points110.277.3%
REDUX XMASThe Christmas Secret2014612 points109.977.1%
REDUXLove at First Glance2017626 points109.676.9%
2019The Last BridesmaidJune 22, 2019643 points109.276.6%
REDUX XMASThe Bramble House Christmas2017626 points109.176.6%
2019Love, Fall and OrderOct 12, 2019636 points109.076.5%
2020Matching HeartsFeb 8, 2020640 points109.076.5%
2021Taking a Shot at LoveJan 2, 2021641 points108.976.4%
2020Winter in VailJan 4, 2020623 points108.876.4%
2020Wedding Every WeekendAug 15, 2020639 points108.376.0%
2019Paris Wine and RomanceMay 4, 2019638 points108.376.0%
2019Holiday DateDec 14, 2019647 points108.275.9%
2020Love in StoreFeb 22, 2020637 points108.275.9%
REDUX XMASSnow Bride2013635 points108.275.9%
2019My Boyfriend's Back: Wedding March 5June 8, 2019635 points108.075.8%
REDUXHello, It's Me2015628 points107.875.6%
2020Swept Up by ChristmasDec 19, 2020631 points107.575.4%
REDUX XMASThe Most Wonderful Time of the Year2008617 points107.275.2%
REDUX XMASA December Bride2016633 points107.175.1%
2020Christmas in ViennaNov 14, 2020636 points107.075.1%
2020Cross Country ChristmasDec 20, 2020636 points107.075.1%
2020A Nashville Christmas CarolNov 21, 2020634 points107.075.1%
2019Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of JoyNov 29, 2019627 points107.075.1%
2020A Little Christmas CharmDec 6, 2020656 points106.975.0%
2019Mystery 101: Words Can KillSept 15, 2019434 points (HMM scale)87.875.0%
2020Love on Harbor IslandAugust 8, 2020634 points106.975.0%
2019Over the Moon in LoveOct 5, 2019613 points106.374.6%
2020A Christmas CarouselDec 19, 2020610 points106.174.4%
XMAS 2018Mingle all the WayNov 18, 2018587 points106.074.4%
XMAS 2018Reunited at ChristmasNov 21, 2018619 points105.974.3%
2019Flip That RomanceMar 16, 2019597 points105.874.2%
XMAS 2018It's Christmas, EveNov 10, 2018617 points105.874.2%
2019Check Inn to ChristmasNov 26, 2019619 points105.774.1%
2019My One and OnlyAug 31, 2019597 points105.674.1%
REDUX XMASChristmas Under Wraps2014590 points105.674.1%
REDUXLove at First Dance2018604 points105.574.0%
REDUX XMASSharing Christmas2017601 points105.574.0%
REDUXBridal Wave2015624 points105.473.9%
2019Mystery 101: Playing DeadJune 23, 2019425 points (HMM scale)86.573.9%
2020Time For Us to Come Home for ChristmasDec 5, 2020615 points105.373.9%
2020The Secret IngredientFeb 15, 2020617 points105.273.8%
XMAS 2018A Veteran's ChristmasNov 11, 2018580 points105.173.7%
REDUX XMASSwitched at Christmas2017592 points104.973.6%
REDUX XMASThe Perfect Christmas Present2017611 points104.773.5%
2020Country at HeartOct 3, 2020611 Points104.173.1%
2020You’re Bacon Me CrazyApr 4, 2020591 points104.072.9%
2019A Summer RomanceAug 17, 2019577 points103.772.7%
REDUXMy Secret Valentine2018587 points103.772.7%
2019The Christmas ClubNov 27, 2019588 points103.572.6%
XMAS 2018Christmas in LoveNov 11, 2018588 points103.472.6%
2020My Best Friend’s BouquetOct 10, 2020599 points103.472.5%
2020The Christmas RingNov 7, 2020609 points103.372.5%
2019Mystery 101 (HMM) Jan 27, 2019454 points (HMM scale)94.272.5%
2019True Love BloomsApr 6, 2019598 points103.172.3%
2020Fashionably YoursApr 11, 2020594 points102.672.0%
2019Forever in My HeartSept 14, 2019560 points102.471.8%
2019The Mistletoe SecretNov 11, 2019585 points102.271.7%
2019Double HolidayDec 21, 2019596 points102.071.6%
REDUXAnything for Love2016579 points102.071.5%
XMAS 2018Once Upon a Christmas MiracleDec 2, 2018574 points102.071.5%
2019Christmas Under the StarsNov 16, 2019576 points101.871.4%
2020Follow Your HeartOct 4, 2020585 points101.671.3%
2019The Story of Us Feb 9, 2019605 points 101.371.1%
REDUX XMASRomance at Reindeer Lodge2017578 points101.271.0%
XMAS 2018Memories of ChristmasDec 8, 2018581 points101.271.0%
2020A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First LoveNov 22, 2020587 points100.970.8%
2020Christmas Tree LaneOct 24, 2020574 points100.370.4%
2019Holiday for HeroesNov 8, 2019566 points99.870.0%
2020A Valentine’s MatchFeb 1, 2020562 points99.870.0%
2020Love on IcelandJan 18, 2020563 points99.469.7%
2020Christmas She WroteDec 6, 2020591 points99.269.6%
REDUX XMASNaughty or Nice2012587 points99.069.5%
REDUXThe Perfect Bride2017578 points98.769.3%
2019Time for You to Come Home for ChristmasDec 14, 2019582 points98.469.1%
REDUXWalking the Dog2017581 points98.569.1%
REDUXCloudy with a Chance of Love2014563 points98.469.1%
2020Hearts of WinterJan 25, 2020561 points98.268.9%
2020Heart of the HolidaysNov 23, 2020570 points97.9%68.7%
2020Jingle Bell BrideOct 24, 2020558 points97.968.7%
2019A Brush With LoveMar 30, 2019563 points97.768.6%
2019Christmas at Graceland: Home for the HolidaysNov 23, 2019558 points97.768.6%
XMAS 2018Welcome to ChristmasDec 9, 2018566 points97.668.5%
REDUXLove at the Shore2017549 points97.368.2%
REDUXAutumn Dreams2015523 points97.068.1%
2019Hallmark’s “A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love”Nov 17, 2019548 points96.968.0%
XMAS 2018Pride, Prejudice & MistletoeNov 23, 2018545 points96.968.0%
REDUXThe Perfect Catch2017551 points96.867.9%
REDUXLove Under the Stars2015560 points96.367.5%
2019Love, UnleashedJuly 6, 2019559 points96.267.5%
2019Sense Sensibility & SnowmenNov 30, 2019560 points96.167.4%
2019Love Under the RainbowMar 9, 2019581 points96.067.4%
REDUXLove Blossoms2017558 points95.967.3%
2019One Winter Proposal Jan 12, 2019535 points 95.867.2%
2019Just Add RomanceMar 2, 2019548 points95.667.1%
2020Just My TypeMar 28, 2020565 points95.466.9%
REDUXA Dash of Love2017525 points95.466.9%
XMAS 2018Hope at ChristmasNov 20, 2018527 points95.266.8%
XMAS 2018Christmas at the PalaceNov 22, 2018552 points95.066.7%
REDUXCampfire Kiss2017512 points94.966.6%
2019From Friend to FianceMay 25, 2019555 points94.8%66.5%
2019Picture a Perfect ChristmasNov 9, 2019529 points94.666.4%
REDUXLove at First Bark2017526 points94.566.3%
XMAS 2018Christmas Bells are RingingDec 22, 2018551 points94.566.3%
2019Christmas in MontanaDec 14, 2019556 points94.466.2%
2019A Christmas DuetNov 26, 2019540 points94.166.0%
2019Write Before ChristmasNov 17, 2019529 points94.166.0%
2019Christmas CampJuly 11, 2019530 points93.965.9%
XMAS 2018Christmas at Honeysuckle LaneNov 24, 2018533 points93.765.7%
XMAS 2018Return to Christmas CreekNov 17, 2018514 points93.565.6%
2019Our Christmas Love SongNov 24, 2019537 points93.465.5%
REDUXUnder the Autumn Moon2018515 points93.365.4%
2019It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ChristmasDec 22, 2019531 points93.165.3%
2019Angels Falls: A Novel HolidayDec 15, 2019537 points92.765.1%
2019Christmas on My MindDec 21, 2019528 points91.764.3%
2019Love and SunshineAug 3, 2019504 points91.764.3%
2020A Christmas Tree Grows in ColoradoNov 24, 2020541 points91.3%64.1%
2020Bad Date ChroniclesFeb 29, 2020520 points91.063.9%
REDUX XMASFamily for Christmas2015510 points91.063.9%
XMAS 2018Time for Me to Come Home for ChristmasDec 9, 2018505 points90.863.7%
2020Love in WinterlandJan 11, 2020508 points90.763.6%
2021A New Year’s ResolutionJan 9, 2021516 points90.563.5%
2019Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die ForMarch 10, 2019354 points (HMM scale)74.163.3%
2020Nature of LoveApril 18, 2020520 pointsw90.363.3%
2019A Christmas MiracleNov 14, 2019494 points90.163.2%
2020If I Only Had ChristmasNov 29, 2020535 points90.063.2%
2019Christmas at the PlazaNov 28, 2019517 points90.063.1%
2019Sister of the BrideJune 29, 2019516 points89.863.0%
2019 Valentine in the Vineyard Feb 2, 2019503 points 89.562.8%
XMAS 2018Entertaining ChristmasDec 16, 2018499 points89.262.6%
XMAS 2018A Gingerbread RomanceDec 16, 2018498 points89.162.5%
REDUXThe Sweetest Heart2018502 points88.762.2%
REDUXYes, I Do2018469 points88.762.2%
2019When Calls the Heart S7 Christmas movieDec 25, 2019512 points88.662.1%
2019Easter Under WrapsApr 20, 2019482 points88.362.0%
REDUXLove on a Limb2016511 points88.361.9%
XMAS 2018Christmas WonderlandDec 1, 2018490 points88.061.8%
2019Love, Take TwoJune 15, 2019507points87.861.6%
2019All Summer LongAug 24, 2019512 points87.761.5%
2020Chateau ChristmasOct 25, 2020502 points87.361.3%
2019 Snowcoming Jan 26, 2019485 points 87.361.2%
2019 Ruby Herring Silent Witness (HMM) Jan 20, 2019 357 points (HMM scale)79.561.1%
2019Christmas in RomeNov 30, 2019494 points86.860.9%
XMAS 2018A Christmas for the BooksDec 20, 2018473 points86.760.8%
REDUX XMASFinding Santa2017509 points86.160.4%
2019The Winter Castle Jan 5, 2019475 points 85.960.2%
2020Amazing Winter RomanceJan 20, 2020487 points85.660.1%
2019A Christmas Love StoryDec 7, 2019525 points85.159.7%
XMAS 2018Christmas JoyNov 3, 2018464 points85.159.7%
2020Love Under the Olive TreeJune 20, 2020473 points85.059.6%
REDUXSun, Sand & Romance2017498 points84.959.5%
REDUX Elevator Girl 2010475 points 84.659.3%
2019Merry & BrightNov 2, 2019483 points84.459.2%
2019Christmas TownDec 1, 2019508 points83.858.8%
2019Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2Nov 24, 2019465 points83.458.5%
2020In the Key of LoveMar 14, 2020470 points82.557.9%
2019A Family Christmas GiftDec 22, 2019456 points81.256.9%
2019Chronicle Mysteries: RecoveredFeb 17, 2019321 points (HMM scale)66.356.6%
XMAS 2018 Northern Lights of Christmas Dec 15, 2018 455 points 79.856.0%
REDUXHarvest Love2017462 points79.755.9%
2019Nostalgic ChristmasOct 31, 2019446 points79.255.6%
REDUX XMASChristmas Encore2017471 points78.855.3%
2019A Merry Christmas MatchOct 25, 2019455 points78.354.9%
2019Sailing Into LoveMay 18, 2019455 points78.054.7%
2019Rome in LoveJuly 27, 2019436 points76.753.8%
2019A Homecoming for the HolidaysDec 7, 2019458 points75.953.2%
REDUXIn My Dreams2014499 points75.352.8%
REDUX Romantically Speaking 2015 419 points 74.352.1%
2020Love in the ForecastJune 13, 2020440 points72.550.8%
2019A Blue Ridge Mountain ChristmasNov 7, 2019398 points72.350.7%
REDUXSecond Chances2013482 points71.550.1%
2019A Taste of SummerAug 10, 2019403 points70.949.7%
2019A Winter Princess Jan 18, 2019380 points 70.549.5%
2019A Feeling of HomeMay 11, 2019386 points69.748.9%
2019A Cheerful ChristmasDec 15, 2019410 points69.548.8%
XMAS 2018Christmas at GracelandNov 17, 2018350 points69.548.8%
REDUXLike Cats and Dogs2017389 points69.448.7%
2020Midway to LoveJune 26, 2020410 points69.048.4%
REDUXLucky in Love2014355 points68.848.2%
2020Falling at Look LodgeSept 26, 2020350 points64.044.9%
2020Romance in the AirAug 1, 2020367 points63.244.3%
2020Follow Me to Daisy HillsSept 19, 2020337 points62.844.1%
2020How to Train Your HusbandMay 16, 2020350 points62.543.9%
2019Love in the SunJune 1, 2019361 points62.543.8%

13 thoughts on “Hallmark Movie Rankings

  1. Im a math person, and I LOVE THIS. I dont necessarily agree with some of the ratings (though I love Polaha and Tyler Hines!) – but the idea, the thought, the ranking categories, the weighting — all of it is awesome and warms my heart. 🙂 Thank you for creating your website!

      1. Hope you will continue to add to the list, since I was just checking to see if some of my faves (chemistry wise at least) ranked similarly to yours – christmas pen pals (not hallmark, but christmas) and picture a perfect christmas were two that I did enjoy. Thanks again for creating such a thorough website and movie reviews.

        1. Oh my word, Hunza! THANK YOU for mentioning Picture a Perfect Christmas – I DID review that one but forgot to add it to this table! It’s now added (it scored 66.4% and the movie title is linked to the review).

          I won’t necessarily rate/rank the non-Hallmark movies or put them on this page’s table, but in last year’s final ranking of the 2018 Christmas movies I did name some honorable mentions from other networks (I didn’t do that this year since I only saw 3-4 non-Hallmark Christmas movies by the time I posted my 2019 final ranking). If I had to pick a couple non-HC movies though, I’d name “Klaus” on Netflix and “A Christmas Movie Christmas” on UPtv as two worth honorable mentions. I heard Lifetime’s “A Christmas Wish” and “Twinkle All the Way” were fabulous, but haven’t seen either (although I do have “Wish” on my Tivo at the moment).

          1. I look forward to following your updates and ratings! Chad Michael Murray this weekend! Whoop whoop! Did I just date myself by saying that 🙂

  2. I was looking to see how you ranked A Joyous Christmas, but I didn’t see it listed. Did I miss it, or have you not listed it yet?

    1. I haven’t seen that one since it came out in 2017, which is before I started ranking the movies. Since it has Michael Rady in it, I SHOULD rewatch it!

      1. I definitely like it, and as a fellow Michael Rady fan, I am interested in your opinion. I had no idea he could sing as well.

  3. I wonder if there is a way to find out the actual Nielsen ratings for the Christmas movies this year. It would be interesting to see which ones were watched by many and if there were any that had a lower viewership.
    Lastly, is there a forum to discuss the movies? There are SO many fans I’m surprised something like this doesn’t exist – not even a Facebook page?
    Thanks for this page and your opinions!

    1. Just search on FB for “hallmark” and you’ll find tons of groups you can join. As for the Nielsen, I don’t think those are released with any regularity but I do know at least a couple of this year’s movies have been the #1 cable program other than sports.

  4. Love your website. Created my own spreadsheet of Christmas movies & would love to see how you set yours up to see if we’re measuring the same things. One movie we totally disagree on is A Homecoming for the Holidays, although clearly we agreed the maturity of the male character was refreshing, THANK YOU HALLMARK.

      1. Thank you Jane. Since jumping in & writing that comment/question, I’ve looked around your site & found the categories for scoring & your Bingo cards & it’s actually the Bingo cards that relate what I record… things like, was there a Christmas tree lighting, Skating, Snowman… as well as typical romance movie tactics like the almost kiss, the accidental fall & my pet peeve, the misunderstanding.

        I have a lot of reading to do in your site, first on movies I’ve rated & the others… and I’m sure I will be in touch throughout that process.

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